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pregnancy and birth

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What are the benefits of antenatal classes?

Beyond the bumps will provide you with the tools and information needed to prepare for your birthing journey and the safe arrival of your baby.

Our antenatal classes are realistic but not scary and our teaching methods are grounded and reassuring in equal measure.

You will learn the process of birth, how to prepare and ways to cope throughout your journey. Our aim is to educate and provide you with research based guidance so you are able to make informed choices about your own care and the care of your baby, before and beyond the bump.

Are Beyond the Bumps classes right for me?

Because everyone’s situation is different our antenatal classes aren’t generic, they will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Whatever your circumstances, be it a low risk or high risk pregnancy, home birth, twins or if you have certain medical conditions that need to be considered, our antenatal classes will take all these things into account.

We will discuss all of the implications you may face and how they might affect you and having your baby so you can feel confident in the decisions you make.

Dionne Thompson

Our antenatal Classes are run by local practising midwife Dionne Thompson

Dionne has over fifteen year’s experience of helping women have babies, and a passion for preparing women & couples for birth.

Where do the classes
take place?

Our antenatal classes are held in the barn at the Hitchin Lavender Farm. This beautiful setting is perfect for making you feel comfortable and relaxed for the journey ahead.

As our antenatal classes are held in small groups hopefully you will meet new friends to share your journey and experiences.


What our wonderful clients say

The course more than met our expectations, it was fantastic to know that the advice was coming from an experienced midwife. Thank you, we have really enjoyed them.

I liked the teaching and discussions it prompted we could have sat and talked for hours. Your qualification and experience as a midwife was so reassuring! I didn’t feel like any question was silly and you dispelled a lot of myths! Thank you.

Excellent informative, factual and engaging sessions, would happily recommend. Superb value.

All sessions contained a wealth of information, it was great to be told so much info and feel more empowered as a result.

Venue is perfect, very welcoming and comfortable. Time is convenient and passion fruit cake was incredible!