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Meet our Midwife Dionne

My name is Dionne, I am a mum of two wonderful children and a practicing midwife with over 15 years of experience. I work locally and one of my passions is helping women on the journey of growing and birthing their babies, offering support and guidance along the way for them and their loved ones.

My current work role is that of a screening midwife supporting woman through the national screening program. For many years I have cared for woman in labour and supported them at their births, offering encouragement, a high standard of care, guidance and support to make informed choices during birth.


My approach to antenatal education is a positive one. I am realistic and reassuring with the experience to discuss all your questions. My hope is to empower you with evidence based guidance on the process of birth and caring for your baby in the first few weeks of life.


What our wonderful clients say

The course more than met our expectations, it was fantastic to know that the advice was coming from an experienced midwife. Thank you, we have really enjoyed them.

I liked the teaching and discussions it prompted we could have sat and talked for hours. Your qualification and experience as a midwife was so reassuring! I didn’t feel like any question was silly and you dispelled a lot of myths! Thank you.

Excellent informative, factual and engaging sessions, would happily recommend. Superb value.

All sessions contained a wealth of information, it was great to be told so much info and feel more empowered as a result.

Venue is perfect, very welcoming and comfortable. Time is convenient and passion fruit cake was incredible!